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Riding together is an experience

About Zigzag Car

We have tons of cars who are traveling from one city to another and on the other hand we have millions of empty car seats on our roads every day which is uneconomical and a waste for everyone,


ZigZag Car, a carpooling platform, is nothing but sharing a car with other passengers who are traveling in the same direction. So, instead of four people driving four cars, one car can be shared with the other three people.

Zigzag Car is building innovation in a way that enabled the ridesharing revolution to take off. With smartphones, people can now offer or book seats on-the-go. With user profiles and social networks, people can get to know each other online before meeting en route.

You can book your seat for any distance- from short to long distance.

Zigzag Car Limited- Trade License # 131375

about us

Search for your ride by selecting Starting location and your destination with time and date.

Select a driver that you want to travel with and pay a booking fee to confirm.

You can travel to any destination in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh. You can see other passengers' profiles before you book a seat.

Drive with Zigzag
Hand Waving Out of Car

Drive with Zigzag Car

What does travel mean to you? 

Travel means learning new things, knowing new people, exploring new realities. Traveling is fulfillment. And you will get it all when you travel with a Zigzag Car.


Our Hero driver will pick you up from your door and drop you to your destination. You will get to know the co-passengers that you are traveling with before you book any seat. In some routes it will be even cheaper than a bus. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and network with them while you travel and make your travel more social. So that you can save money, help reduce Co2 and traffic congestions, save time and have fun!


We will secure your journey. Book your seat today! 

Currently Zigzag Car have two type of vehicle

Sedan Car



Fare Calculation

Zigzag Car App calculates the fare on a per kilometer and route basis.  The fare will be cheaper if you share your travel with more people.

Booking Fee

You have to pay a booking fee upfront through mobile banking.

Affordable Fare

Travel with Zigzag Car is affordable. In some routes it will be even cheaper than a bus.



House 998 (2nd Floor), Road, 9/A Ave 11 Rd, Dhaka 1216

Registered Address:

11/C Avenue 5, Lane 24/1, Plot 8, Madina Nagar, Pallabi, Dhaka.

+880 9610944924

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