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Frequently Asked Questions 

How to sign up as driver

  1. Install Zigzag Car App from Play store or App Store

  2. Read Zigzag Car’s Terms & Conditions before you sign up

  3. Enter your phone number to verify your number

  4. Upload profile photo, NID card, and Driving License

  5. Add Vehicle Documentations:

    1. Car Details

    2. Vehicle Registration Photo

    3. Vehicle Tax Token Photo

    4. Vehicle Fitness Photo

    5. Vehicle Insurance Photo

    6. Vehicle Enlistment Certificate Photo

  6. Enter name as appear on your ID card

  7. Once you Upload all documents, and fill all required information our KYC team will do the background Check. If your background is OK then you can start posting rides.

How to sign up as Passenger

  1. Install Zigzag Car App from Play store or App Store

  2. Read Zigzag Car’s Terms & Conditions before you sign up

  3. Enter your phone number to verify your number

  4. Enter your name as appear on your NID and upload your profile picture

  5. Upload to verify these below documents:

    1. Upload your email 

    2. Upload your National ID or Birth Certificate

    3. Upload your Passport if you are a foreigner

    4. Upload your student ID of you are a student and would like to Avail discounts

    5. Write your mini Bio and preference

  6. You will enjoy booking seat and ride, after our KYC team will verify your documents and informations that you provided

How to post a ride as a driver?

  1. Open Zigzag Car App

  2. Select Starting city and ending city

  3. Select Date/ Time

  4. Select number of passengers that you want to take

  5. Accept auto generated pricing and Terms and conditions 

  6. Confirm & Post ride

  7. Sit back, relax and wait for passengers to book a seat.

  8. Check who is booking a seat and accept whoever you like

  9. Confirm Passengers and wait for the Departure date

How to search for a ride as a passenger?

  1. Open Zigzag Car App

  2. Select Starting city to pick you up and ending city to drop

  3. Select Date/ Time

  4. Select number of passenger seat that you want to Book for

  5. Search for drivers

  6. Now you can select drivers whoever you want as per rating. Also you can see other passengers' profiles if anyone has already booked any seat.

  7. Review price and choose if you are booking for yourself or you are booking for someone else's .

  8. Pay booking fee upfront through mobile banking.

  9. Your booking is submitted and you are done!

How to start a ride?

  1. Press ‘Start Ride’, when you pick up all your passengers from your defined pickup point.

  2. Driver has to confirm the passengers identity when passengers get into a car!

  3. Passengers should confirm driver & his Car number plate  before get into the car.

How to close a ride?

  1. Press ‘Close Ride’, when you drop off your passenger.

  2. You need to repeat this process after dropping off the second and third passenger, if any.

How do I know about the fare of my ride?

When you search for any ride by selecting your starting city and ending city the app will calculate the fare of your ride on per Kilo. Zigzag Car App will calculate fare as per route and Kilometer basis. The fare may vary passenger to passenger due to the set of pickup points and dropping points.

Do all passengers have the same fare for one ride?

Zigzag Car App calculates the fare on a per kilometer and route basis. Every passenger has different pickup / drop off points, hence the fare may vary. 

What will be the pick up / drop off points of passengers?

Right now Driver will decide the Pickup point and Drop off point. We will start our door-to-door travel very soon. However once you confirm your booking, you may have options to chat or call the passengers and mutually discuss the pickup and drop off point.

How many passengers can I take with me?

For a Sedan car, you may take up to 3 passengers. For a Noha 7 seater car, you may take up to 5 passengers, and for Hiace 11 seater car you may take upto 7 passengers.

How to find out passengers who booked seats for my car?

Open Zigzag Car App, Go to your notification, to see the passengers who booked seats with your car.

Can I call my passengers?

You can call your passengers after you accept a passenger for your ride, their details / call button will appear on home screen

I couldn’t find the cell number of the passenger?

You can see the cell number only when a passenger confirms a booking.

How secure is this ride?

  • Every passenger is verified by, Phone number and NID card. Also Our team gets connected to every passenger through phone calls or physical meetings to know more about our passengers. Our passengers must integrate their facebook account with the Zigzag Car App, so that both passengers and drivers can find out the mutual facebook friends they have with other passengers. 

  • For drivers we do document checks first. All drivers have to submit their NID, Driver license and all documents Car. Once we verify documents then our team does the background check of each and every driver.

How can a driver collect fare?

When passengers book a seat that has to pay a minimal booking fee upfront generated by App through mobile bank. The rest of the amount passengers pay after completing the trip will appear on the App screen.


After completing the ride, the remaining fare will appear on the app screen of drivers and passengers and at the end of the ride Driver can collect it from passengers.

Do I have to pay any cost other than Ride fare

As a passenger you don’t have to pay any cost like- toll, fuel, gas etc. Since you are paying the cost of your ride, Driver will 

Who is the Hero?

We consider our driver as Hero since they are the one who will drive you to your destination safely. Our heros are well trained and know how to behave. Our heroes will make your travel memorable and more enjoyable. 

How many bags am I allowed on a Zigzag Car?


  • 1 hand bag is allowed per passenger inside the car. Each piece of hand luggage must fit below your seat or on your lap. 

  • It can be a bag, computer, coat, overcoat, camera, etc.

  • Maximum weight: 4 kg (9 lbs)

  • Maximum size: 40 x 30 x 15 cm (Length < 16" - Width < 12" - Height < 6")

  • The sum of the 3 measurements must not exceed

Hold allowance in Car Backdrop: 

  • 1 hold hand luggage or backpack is allowed in the Backdrop of a Car. The maximum allowed weight is 12 kg (26 lbs) 

  • Maximum size: 55 x 40 x 20 cm (Length < 21" - Width < 15" - Height < 7")

  • The sum of the 3 measurements must not exceed 115 cm (45")


At the Pickup point, the driver may be on hand to verify the size of your bags.

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